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Sama sama
Sama sama

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It’s Bali baby!

Hey there, and welcome to This Bali Life. We are the Ball family and we spend our time between the UK and Bali, and sometimes split between the two. When we’re in Bali you can find us living in Canggu or hanging out at The Green School where our 2 boys go.

We started This Bali Life as a way to both help document our experiences here in Bali and the surrounding islands but also as a place to document our new found Balinese/Indonesian knowledge.

We want to provide a place that you can trust. We’ve lived a lot of these things that we’re writing about. Whether it is navigating the customs at the airport, setting up your phone or just trying to find the right place to lay down some roots we’ve had to navigate it ourselves.

As a family we love Bali. But that’s not to say that we have our blinkers on when it comes to some of the less savoury aspects of living here. Where we can we will point these out to you. Things to watch out for. Insider tips on what to expect or how you should behave.

As a mirror to our life here in Bali (and the UK) we’re just finding our way with this site. Over time it will take on a personality as an extension of ours. We’re not here to be controversial, just a helping hand with a bit of British cheekiness thrown in.

I like mucking about with graphics and typography so you’ll see it dotted about around the site. Retro vibes. Check out our Insta as well for more related fun.

If they’re something that you would like to know more about or just want to have a natter feel free to drop us an email to We would love to hear from you.

So come on in, kick off your shoes, and let’s explore this magical island together.

Sama sama!

Chris, Shanshan, our 2 boys and Bali dog Teddy x