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A Guide to Must-see Beaches Canggu. 5 Best Beaches in Canggu (2023)

Here is our guide to the best beaches in Canggu. When it comes to beaches, Canggu is quite a hotspot. to the untrained eye these Canggu beaches might just look like one big beach because you can walk from one to the next as if it is just one beach. But to the locals they each have their own characteristics, benefits and negatives.

Canggu, just a few years ago, used to be a sleepy fishing village full of paddy fields and farmers going about their day. It was a maze of dirt tracks and you would usually have to ask “someone who knows” how to get to these beaches.

Nowadays Canggu is the hustling, bustling heart of the tourist industry in Bali. The roads that run perpendicular to the beaches are hives of cafes, restaurants, tattoo parlours, some bars and health food shops. It seems like everyday there is a new restaurant/cafe/bar opening it’s doors eager to attract the western bules in to spend their hard earned rupiah.

Beautiful Canggu beach at sunset
Sunset on the beach in Canggu

The beaches aren’t exempt from this development either, with both Pererenan and Batu Bolong recently tearing down rows of warungs to make way for new. Replacing the charm of the ramshackle hut with hard concrete shells has its efficiencies but it does sometimes feel like they are losing the beauty of Bali in order to modernise and provide structure.

Saying all that I am writing this whilst enjoying the comfort and newness of one those new warungs on Echo beach. Sandy Feet if you must know. Ah beaches Canggu.

With all that slightly wistful sentiment the beaches here in Canggu still are awesome, and one of our favourite places to hang out as a family.

Starting from the south and working north here are the best beaches, Canggu.

1) Berawa beach (Beaches Canggu)

Nowadays, Berawa beach is dominated by the presence of 3 of the biggest/most popular beach clubs; the instantly Instagrammable Finns Beach Club, Vie Beach Club and the gargantuan concrete behemoth, Atlas Beach Club. Around a year ago all the beach warung huts were delivered cease and tear down orders by the local Banjar. Some places have since popped up but some never found a new plot to set up on.

The beach itself is kept clean and in good nick. Many thanks to regular beach cleans ups organised by locals and expats living in the area.

What can I do on Berawa beach?

The beach boasts a wide stretch of golden sand, fringed by lush palm trees, offering a picturesque setting for sunbathing, strolling, or simply enjoying the stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The waves at Berawa Beach are generally moderate, making it an ideal location for both experienced and beginner surfers. Surf schools and board rental shops can be found nearby, catering to those eager to ride the waves.

Beyond surfing, Berawa Beach offers a variety of other activities. The beach is a perfect spot for beach volleyball, and you can often find friendly matches taking place. Additionally, you can explore the coastline on horseback, taking in the sights while enjoying a leisurely horse ride along the shore.

At low tide section of the reveal rock pools which are great to explore with kids. Just beware of the advancing tide.

Beaches Canggu

Where should I eat near to Berawa Beach?

Caravan by Cabanon – A delightful restaurant right on the beach. Very popular and for good reason, the food is excellent, the service attentive and the view, especially at sunset are unrivalled. When you were sat in your cold living room in England dreaming of Bali this was the place you dreamt of. You just didn’t know it.

Synkonah – just a bit inland from the beach, walk down the road away from the beach with Finn’s on your left. About 60 metres inland you’ll come across Synkonah. Reliable mediterranean where the whole family is sure to find something they enjoy. They do a wonderful Sunday roast here as well.

Vegan/vegetarian eateries near Berawa Beach

Bali Bowls – healthy and beautiful smoothie bowls. Not strictly veggie, but plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans alike. Incredible prices too – check out their amazing 50k breakfast deals.

Tucked further inland and not all that close to the beach are 2 excellent vegan restaurants; Pels Supershop and Secret Spot Berawa. But we’ve warned you, neither are walking distance from the beach. Get a Gojek or hop on your Scoopy

Where’s the best place to drink near Berawa Beach?

Obviously, if it’s your bag, you can enjoy Finns Beach Club and Atlas Beach Club where you’ll still get the beautiful view of the sea with from the comfort of their manicured surroundings. Cocktails and a selfie are popular I hear.

For a more authentic experience walk past those 2 clubs down the beach to the local warungs. Bintangs and cocktails for half the price you’ll spend a stones throw away and you’ll be living the true Bali experience, giving back to the community and you’ll have “real” sand between your toes.

La Playa, is a personal favourite of This Bali Life. Opens at 4pm for drinks and snacks.

La Playa, beaches Canggu
La Playa on Berawa beach

Best coffee near Berawa Beach

Ruko Cafe – Excellent coffee with even better latte art.

Neighbourhood – Quite a bit further inland from the beach but worth a visit. Eclectic menu, superb service, organic wines and the best coffee. This is one of the best cafes in Bali, not just in the Berawa area. A must visit.

Where can I park for Berawa Beach?

Berawa beach can be accessed from 2 spots; one next to Finn’s Beach Club where you can park your scooter for 2k. If you’re in a car though the best park is the other side of Atlas Beach Club, where there is a decent sized car park and access to the beach. 5k for a car and 2k for a scooter.

2. Nelayan Beach (Beaches Canggu)

Squeezed in between Berawa Beach and Batu Bolong is the lovely, under-developed Nelayan Beach. In terms of beaches, Canggu, Nelayan Beach is the smallest one. It stretches from the river that divides it from Batu Bolong to the estuary/pond at the end of the warungs on Batu Bolong beach. It probably takes a minute to walk.

The real charm of this stretch of sand is that it is undeveloped. There’s a fishing fleet that resides here and nothing in the way of warungs.

What can I do on Nelayan Beach?

Occasionally you’ll see kite surfers launching from this part of the beach as there are very few surfers blocking the entrance and more room to manoeuvre without endangering anyone nearby.

There is a surf break called Nelayan (which I mistaken thought was called The Lion when an instructor pointed it out to me). To the south of Batu Bolong this beach break only fires up at low to mid tide. It doesn’t work at high tide.

But beware, the current can get pretty strong and sweep you down the coast when you least expect it.

Where should I eat near Nelayan Beach?

Between the turning for the Canggu shortcut, down Jalan Nelayan to the beach you are spoiled for choice when it comes to eateries. Hopping on the Scoopy and heading to this part of Canggu to eat is one of our favourite things to do. So many quality restaurants and so much quieter than the neighbouring Berawa or Batu Bolong.

Tiga, Canggu – quality local Indonesian food, a fairly to some western dishes you will find something here for everyone

Superfood Canggu – health food and nourishment in a bowl. In fact you can create your own bowls/salads here. When you’ve been eating too much crap head here to reset your well-being.

Vegan/vegetarian eateries near Nelayan Beach

Kynd Community Canggu – legends of the vegan scene in Bali. Kynd opened this branch in 2023 after the overwhelming success of their original Seminyak cafe. All the great dishes and ice-cream of Kynd but nearer to the beach. A real treat.

Alkaline Vegan Restaurant – Alkaline prepare their food using mainly with alkaline water, using fresh and organic ingredients as much as possible from their organic permaculture garden. They offer vegan, vegetarian and raw options on their menu. Incredibly priced as well considering the love and attention that goes into their food.

Where is the best place to drink near Nelayan Beach?

Aksata Resto and Bar – technically on Batu Bolong beach as it is the other side of the river but it is easily accessed from Nelayan Beach and super chilled spot to share a tipple and watch the sunset.

Revolver – can get pretty busy on an evening. Bit of regular hang out for the Canggu scene.

Peachy Bali – On the Canggu shortcut you can find this little gem of a rooftop bar. Always a sucker for a place that knows how to use good typography. Saturday night is ladies night. Free (selected) cocktails between 7pm and 9pm every Saturday. They do daily 50k cocktails too.

Best coffee near Nelayan Beach

You can grab a decent coffee at Zin which is a beautiful and very close to the beach. But our top tip would to be to head further up the road to DISCONNECT. As the name suggests it’s a laptop free zone. You gotta turn off to tune in. Great coffee, ace staff and gorgeous plates of fruit.

Where can I park near Nelayan Beach?

Pretty simple, the road ends onto the beach. Park before you hit the sand. Standard prices for beaches Canggu: 2k scooter/5k car.

3. Batu Bolong Beach (Beaches Canggu)

Batu Bolong is one of the busiest parts of Bali, jammed full of young tourists, hipsters and families all enjoying the happy buzz that accompanies the place. Batu Bolong Beach is a perfect reflection of this part of Bali. Friendly and busy at most times of the day, but never really too crowded.

A great place to hang out, sip a coconut at one of the many local surf warungs and people watch. Popular with runners, dog walkers, sun-bathers and many many surfers cutting their chops in the waves.

Beaches Canggu - Batu Bolong
Batu Bolong surfers – photo by Zaur Giyasov

What can I do on Batu Bolong Beach?

One of the first things you’ll notice on Batu Bolong is are the lines of surf rental shacks along the beach. That’s because this is the number one place to surf for beginners in Canggu. That’s not to say every day is perfect for beginners but usually they’ll be suitable waves and usually fairly reliable waves for newbie surfer to get to grips with their foam board.

Batu Bolong is one of those rare surf breaks that also offers challenging conditions out back when a set comes in. On bigger days these waves can grow pretty quickly on you and you can find yourself the wrong side of a breaking wave. I’df say it’s a fairly common side on Batu Bolong surf break for a set to arrive and mayhem ensues with boards and learners flying everywhere.

It can, due to the nature of the types of surfers that it attracts, be quite dangerous surfing here. They might teach you how to surf here but they really aren’t teaching the etiquette of how to be on the waves. People will often pop up on waves that already have a surfer riding along. Getting out of the way of surfers as you paddle out is often the furthest thing from their minds, making popping up on a good wave even more challenging.

You know that moment when you’ve finally found yourself a bit of space, a set comes in and you pick the right wave. Then just as you’re popping up you look down and see a clueless, gormless face looking up at you, completely oblivious to the fact that you’re a human bullet pointing directly at their head and they haven’t shown even the slightest concern for themselves or made a modicum of effort to get out of the way. And you have to bail on the wave. That’s Batu Bolong that is.

Generally though, the locals and instructors will keep some sort of order out there and there’s usually a really friendly vibe on the water here.

Surf lesson in Batu Bolong
Surf lesson in Batu Bolong

Where should I eat near Batu Bolong Beach?

Bali Rice – in the car park next to where the temple is, is Bali Rice. A new place that does the best Nasi Campur for 30k. So good. Go surfing and then eat here. Proper Bali life. Warung Alody is also a cool hangout here too with a decent Nasi Goreng.

Mason – for the more well to do Mason offer beautifully cooked food with equally incredible cocktails. Book in advance though as it is usually fully booked.

Vegan/vegetarian eateries near Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu

Nalu Bowls – for somewhere right next to the beach for vegan food head to Nalu Bowls for cool bowls of frozen goodness. Opposite Hotel Tugu.

Burgreens – for everyday decent vegan food head to Burgreens, just a couple of doors down from Deus. A fairly comprehensive menu that’ll have to making plans to come back again to try something else. They also have commitment to buy local and organic wherever they can. The vegan Nasi Campur is superb. Vegan, delicious and healthy.

I am Vegan Babe – once you’ve gotten over the mega camp/slightly awful name head inside, upstairs and enjoy great service, quality food with a menu to please everyone. A lot of fun dishes to try. Top coffee too.

The Shady Shack – bit of a legend on the Bali vegan circuit and for good reason. The menu drips in healthy goodness throughout, the portions can be huge, especially the salads and the smoothies are out of this world. This is a must stop for any Bali visit.

Where is the best place to drink near Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu?

Old Man’s – named after the beach break, Old Man’s is an open bar and restaurant that goes from 7am until the early hours. Chilled laid back beachfront garden vibe during the day but as soon as the sunsets the volume goes up a touch and it’s party time. On Wednesday get there between 6pm and 7pm to sign up for the beer pong competition.

Black Sand Brewery – definitely the number one brewery venue on the island. Serving IPAs, Kolsch and Pilsners; Black Sand Brewery attracts both the young and old looking for a pint or 2. Live music on Saturday nights is usually top notch too. Worth booking on Friday and Saturdays if you’re a large group as it get full early on. The food, whilst a bit on the expensive side, is usually excellent as well.

Best coffee near Batu Bolong Beach

Times Warung – sometimes you just need a killer location ands beach to yourself. Times Warung is situated in between Batu Bolong break an d Old Mans. Great, chilled vibe, get very busy but never too busy. Nothing quite like a coffee with the sand between your toes. A must visit.

BGS Bali Canggu – if you surf and drink coffee BGS is the place to be and to be seen during the day. Popular spot with guys and gals talking about their latest waterman endeavours.

Where can I park near Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu?

The are 2 options main options. There is the big carpark right by the beach/temple that’s suitable for scooters, cars and vans. Just head down Jalan Batu Bolong and you’ll eventually run into it on the left just before you hit the beach.

Alternatively, you can park your scooter next to Times Warung or you can park your car opposite Times in a car park just tucked behind on some wasteland.

2k for a scooter and 5k for a car in both places.

4. Echo Beach (Beaches Canggu)

What can I do on Echo Beach, Canggu?

Surf, eat and shop. That’s it!

There are a quite a few market stall near to Echo Beach just on the approach to La Brisa. Plenty of bargains and fun to be had with the traders here. If you’re looking for souvenirs to take home you’ll find something here. Anything from huge original art canvasses to football shirts and wooden carvings.

Echo Beach surfers at sunset
Echo Beach surfers at sunset – photo by @juliovie

The Echo beach surf break is only for intermediate surfers or better. Here you’ll find that the surfing etiquette is well policed on the waves and chumps taking liberties will be called out. There are quite a few options for which break to choose here and depending on the times of day, tide height and swell conditions can be challenging.

For those who just like to watch the surfers carving waves La Brisa is the perfect viewing platform. On big swells it can almost feel a bit strange how close you are to the action, framed beautifully against the palms and viewing deck.

La Brisa also has a Sunday market in the morning with a higher standard of merch compared to the bargain markets further up the road.

Where should I eat near Echo Beach, Canggu?

La Brisa - Beaches Canggu
La Brisa – photo by Fred Rivett @fredrivett

La Brisa – a touch more expensive than some of the neighbouring restaurants but you find something to please everyone here and the vibe and location is on point. Plus if you have little ones they’re welcome to have a splash in one of the many pools.

Sensorium – there’s always a real buzz about this place, attracting visitors from far and wide for the experience. Head chef, William Salim’s, aim is to deliver an immersive dining experience that touches all 5 of yours senses. Real passion and dedication stands out in Canggu amongst the many, many eateries. Sensorium has shown that.

Vegan/vegetarian eateries near Echo Beach, Canggu

You are so close to Batu Bolong here that your best options are the same as mentioned above. The Shady Shack and I Am Vegan Babe are your best bet.

Give Cafe – a sister to Kynd, Give Cafe is easily missed on Jl Canggu Padong Linjong. Subtle and unassuming compared to its loud and brash older sister. You’ll find real quality here and menu that will have you setting a date for a return visit. Amazingly every single penny spent here will go to charity; they choose 3 charities at a time which they support. A hidden gem in Canggu.

Where is the best place to drink near Echo Beach, Canggu?

La Brisa – sumptuous cocktails and a wine list that sets it apart in Canggu. Despite the size of the place it is always worth booking ahead here as it can be difficult to find a table at peak times.

Echo Beach/Pererenan Beach Warungs – sometimes mistaken for Pererenan Warungs; the strip of surf bars and beach warungs to the north of La Brisa are actually on Echo Beach, but you can access them from the Pererenan side. Recently refurbished, these are a great haven for surfers, beach lovers and dog walkers. Each one has something about it that they do especially well. Coffee, smoothies, nasi, Bintang, cocktails, curry, and pho; they have something for everyone down here. They are all locally owned and run and are a great way to spend time at the beach and not get baked by the Bali sun.

If fact half of this article has been penned chilling in the back of Sandy Feet. Love this place and so does our Bali dog.

Best coffee near Echo Beach

Copenhagen – get there early if you can. Otherwise the queues for a seat spill out onto the road. A tiny venue with a huge reputation. The coffee is always excellent and the cafe menu lets you choose from a list with 3 items 69k or 5 items for 99k

Canteen Cafe – cute little retro surf cafe. Love the decor and coffee. The chia pudding and the salads are particularly worth a try.

Where can I park near Echo Beach, Canggu?

You can park your scooter down the side of La Brisa or there is a car park right on the beach.

Usual prices 2k for a scooter, 5k for a car.

Pererenan beach and it's famous statue
Pererenan beach and it’s famous statue

5. Pererenan Beach (Beaches Canggu)

Pererenan Beach stretches from the River by The Coconut Shack north, past the statue (which I’ll get to in a second) and up to the next river just by Pantai Lama (formerly known as Nate’s Bar).

The statue, which is impossible, to miss is a grower shall we say. I’ve heard it called the most ugly statue in Bali, which is saying something. It’s a giant fish with an elephant’s head leaping out of the water, whilst some Balinese dude riding the big elephant fish, throwing shapes. With some of Nemo’s buddies splashing around in the waves.

The statue is Gajah Mina; “Gajah” meaning elephant and “Mina” meaning sea dweller. The guy riding the elephant fish is Lord Baruna, the ruler of the sea. It has

What can I do on Pererenan Beach, Canggu?

There are 2 surf breaks here; Rivermouth and Statue. Rivermouth is opposite the river and Statue is opposite the statue. You probably didn’t need telling that.

Rivermouth is often used for competitions and the local surf club, which is named after this break, often run competitions here for different age groups.

On the weekend Pererenan beach fills up with locals and traders and portable food sellers.

Pererenan Beach
Pererenan Beach after dark – photo Alexander Nrjwolf @njrwolf

Where should I eat near Pererenan Beach, Canggu?

Arte – in our house, Friday night is often pizza night and Arte is our go to pizzeria. The homemade pasta is exquisite as well. Great service, quick food and always delicious. Don’t forget to check out the art on display which is changing constantly to support local artists.

Home by Chef Wayan – Chef Wayan quietly works up some of the finest dishes in Bali at this unassuming warung in Pererenan. The slow cooked Beef Brisket Rendang makes my mouth water just thinking about it. It melts in your mouth. If fact I’m tempted to drop everything right now and head there for another portion. So good.

Vegan/vegetarian eateries near Pererenan Beach, Canggu

Roots – plant-focused cafe/restaurant catering for vegetarians and vegans. The bowls are huge and great value, not to mention super healthy. Staff here are always super friendly and helpful.

Where is the best place to drink near Pererenan Beach, Canggu?

The Coconut Shack – just opposite “Rivermouth” and across the river from the Echo Beach warungs The Coconut Shack is the perfect relaxed, sunset spot to grab an Island Brewing Small Hazy or Pilsner and just lounge around taking in the ocean. If you get to know the staff they can help you to arrange little gatherings here and maybe build a fire for you

Hippie Fish – hands up – we’ve not been here yet. But I’m sticking this here as some of the cocktails that they have shown on their Instagram looks epic. It only opened Will update this once we’ve had a nosey. They have only just opened.

Shady Fox – fun little bar often wit live music. Always with killer cocktails.

Best coffee near Pererenan Beach

Rize – Just a short hop up the road is Rise. A popular cafe serving delightful dosas, coffee and smoothies.

Almond – gorgeous little cafe tucked away from the busy main road, a few doors down from Shady Fox. Small but stunning. One of the finest flat whites in Pererenan

Where can I park near Pererenan Beach, Canggu?

Drive down Jl. Pantai Pererenan and you will eventually get to the parking as you come to the beach. There is a little booth just before Arte that you’ll need to stop at in order to pay; 2k for scooter, 5k for a car.

Sandy Feet warung. A coconut and a coffee
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